Thursday, February 18, 2010


Scud (Wan Cheung), Byron Pang Koon Kei, So Mui, Winnie Leung Man Yi, Thomas Price (Pak Chi Hin)

Winnie Leung
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Winnie Leung, Thomas Price
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The Scud (Wan Cheung) directed AMPHETAMINE is in Germany for the 60th Annaul Berlin Film Festival to compete for the Teddy Bear prize. As the only Chinese film in the section and the famous international film weekly HOLLYWOOD REPORTER's selection as one of the five films that will be a hit at the Berlin Film Festival, AMPHETAMINE has plenty of attention.
Earlier director Scud led the film's team including executive director Lawrence Ah Mon (Lau Kwok Cheung), actors Byron Pang Koon Kei, Thomas Price (Pak Chi Hin), Winnie Leung Man Yi, So Mui and director of photography Lam Chi Kin, composer Yu Yat Hiu, Ho San and others to the global premiere. The venue's nearly 1,000 seats were sold out. After the screening, the audience gave a two minute long applause. Wan Cheung was very pleased to be able to receive the local film industry recognition, and the team's hard work on this film was not wasted. This time also injected a shot of confidence into the film. With a daring breakthrough performance in the film, lead actress Leung Man Yi was very touched to see the audience's passionate response. She said, "When I heard nearly 1,000 viewers' applause for the film, the moment truly was touching. This movie makes me feel proud of myself."

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