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Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yuek Suen) recently worked with Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) on the Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) directed film HOT SUMMER DAYS (CHUEN SING YIT LUEN YIT LAT LAT). Earlier Vivian came to promote the film in Hong Kong. She expressed the film had several units, she and Ng Yin Cho performed in one as a couple. This was Vivian's first collaboration with Daniel. She said that before the shoot she knew that he was very handsome, but he was actually more handsome in person. In the many actors had to wear grease on their faces for the film's scorching feel. Vivian honestly said that she too needed to be greased up and her skin suffered a reaction. Luckily she only had to do so for three days and not a month.

Vivian expressed that the shoot was very memorable but she only had 30 days of working with Ng Yin Cho. Did they have any intimate scene? She expressed that she had a simple kiss scene and they got into it very easily. Vivian expressed that the kiss scene did not have any bad take, but the director wanted another shot in order to have a full body and a half body shot. Thus the shoot took a long time, about a day. Was it her longest kiss scene ever? She said, "Yes." She said earlier in the film THE KNOT she had a kiss scene with lead actor Chen Kun. At the time the temperature was below freezing. During the shoot her runny nose got to his face. Was this time particularly easy? She said, "That's right, this time the production environment and the temperature was not too hot, the coordination was just right."

Vivian praised Ng Yin Cho was like a big brother who took care of people around him, but he also had a mischievous side. Did she fall prey to his pranks? She said, "Yes, in one scene I had to pretend to sneeze. Daniel shot me with a water gun from behind. Even my face was wet." She said that although the directors were demanding but during the shoot they did not give actors any pressure. She would like the chance to work with them again.

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