Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yeung Tin King and his girlfriend yesterday morning handled his grandmother's affairs

Chan Bo Yi received an update during the show and rushed to the hospital

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Kung Fun Hung
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"Film Fan Princess" Connie Chan Bo Chu two nights ago was working on the opening night of her Hong Kong Coliseum Cantonese Opera performance when her 98 year old adopted mother Kung Fun Hung passed away before the show. Yesterday Sister Bo Chu in the company of her son and her sister held a press conference at the Coliseum. She expressed that although her mother passed very suddenly, because she went comfortably and peacefully she was at peace. She would temporarily set aside her personal matter and focus on the remaining three shows because her mother once taught her to play her part and be responsible. She hoped that the media would leave her be so she could peacefully complete the future shows. As for her mother's funeral the information will be revealed through public channels.

Around 3PM, 30 or so fans were already waiting outside the Hong Kong Coliseum for their idol. Sister Bo Chu and her son Yeung Tin King as well as her sister Chan Bo Yi arrived around 3:45PM. Upon arrival Sister Bo Chu waved to her fans and the media, then hurried backstage to prepare for the press conference. Around 4:05PM, Sister Bo Chu, Tin King, and Bo Yi stepped into the Coliseum rehearsal room to meet the press. Sister Bo Chu was teary eyed and looked as if she just cried before. First to speak was Tin King, he seriously greeted everyone with red eyes then said, "Last night a tragedy took place, my grandmother, Mommy's mother Yiu Si Kwun, Ms. Kung Fun Hung passed away. Momy has something that she wants to say to everyone."

Sister Bo Chu followed, but after "Thank you very much" she choked up and could not speak. Bo Yi lightly patted her on the shoulder, then she expressed thanks to her friends, fans and viewers for their support and love. Tin King lightly patted her on her shoulder, after that Tin King and Bo Yi often gave her pats on her shoulder as a show of consolation and support. Sister Bo Chu said, "Last year the event happened very suddenly, but I know that Mama went very comfortably and peaceful. I am very much at peace inside. Mama since childhood has taught me to play my part and be responsible. Now I have work on hand, I would temporarily set aside personal matter and put my energy on work. I hope to be perfect in every aspect and answer to friends, viewers and fans who support me. After the shows, I definitely will through some channels respond about Mama's personal matter." She again thanked everyone for their care and love, as well as showed her appreciation to the media who were covering the event two nights ago.

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