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Bobby Auyeung Chun Wa, Nick Cheung Ka Fai

Nick Cheung, Lau Ching Wan
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Nick Cheung, Albert Yeung Sau Sing
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Nick Cheung, Leung Ka Shu, Chin Kar Lok
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai last year won six Best Actor awards with BEAST STALKER (JING YUN). Two nights ago Emperor Motion Pictures held a celebration for him. Attendees included Emperor colleagues and Ka Fai's friends like Lau Ching Wan, Chin Kar Lok, Bobby Auyeung Chun Wai, Liu Kai Chi, Yen Chor Sin, Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Mr and Mrs. Andrew Lau Wai Keung and others. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing, his wife, and TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling also attended.

Cheung Ka Fai two nights ago arrived alone. He expressed that his wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho had to stay home with their daughter. He said that this time he also invited his friends to celebrate. He said, "Ching Wan will come, but (Anthony Wong) Chau Sun couldn't, (Francis Ng) Chun Yu seems to be in prison, haha, actually he is working in the Mainland." What would Ka Fai like as a gift from the boss? He said that he could not keep up with the maintenance of his boss' private jet, so he did not really want anything. He said that as a part of Emperor, he of course would like good production. Will Ka Fai try to have a child? He said, "As much as I can, my wife right now is resting and focused on our child." Ka Fai pointed out that originally he wanted to go on a holiday as a family during the Lunar New Year, but he already decided to stay home and pay New Year visits. Will his laisee increase in size this year? He laughed, "You are asking such nonsense again, no special size. My daughter also helps a lot."

Ka Fai admitted that he could not think of any Valentine's Day gift, over so many years he has only given a few. He said, "Actually I myself am already a priceless treasure." Lau Ching Wan was asked whether he will work with Ka Fai. He said that they have known each other for years but never had the chance. He said, "Hopefully we will have a chance soon, I don't know whether we will. He (Ka Fai) is my elder, I rarely work with elders. He is a big deal, now he is called 'Cheung Six Emperor'." Will he challenge Ka Fai's "six Best Actor" record? He said, "Don't bother with that, I can't even eat." Ching Wan this year received a Best Actor nomination. He joked that he has been nominated every year, and he only helps with the party. Was he confident this year? He said, "I was in previous years too." Ka Fai heard Ching Wan called his "Cheung Six Emperor" and said, "Six Emperor to me, I can accept it having won the awards. The average person who hasn't won would suffer internal organ cracks and bleed to death from all the orifices!"

Auyeung Chun Wa expressed that he and Ka Fai had the dinner date for a long time. He either had to work or be with his daughter and he himself has not have the chance to take him to dinner. In addition, boss Yeung Sau Sing was asked how many movies will he make for Ka Fai? He said, "He's in charge, however many he wants." Ka Fai immediately joked at least five or six movies.

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