Monday, February 8, 2010


Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Bosco Wong Chung Chak
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Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Eric Tsang Chi Wai

Linda Chung Ka Yun

Bernice Liu Bik Yi

Koni Lui Wai Yi, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning

Stephy Tang Lai Yun
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Shaw film 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT) will soon be released. The cast has been promoting intensively. Two nights ago over 70 actors went to a special screening premiere in Guangzhou with over 100 Mainland viewers. Attendees included Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Linda Chung Ka Yun, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Tracy Ip Chui Chui, Bernice Liu Bik Yi and Michael Tse Tin Wa. Liu Bik Yi expressed that she bought over 30 pieces of clothing for promotion. Everyday she has been working three to four jobs, she has been so busy that she did not even have time to shop for clothes.

The event two nights ago arranged for a red carpet walk for the actors. Originally it was orderly. When Chi Wai and Len Len appeared, the event started to lose control as the Mainland media and the audience rushed forward into utter chaos. Then, during the group photo, viewers even forced forward to touch Chi Wai. Because most were fans of Wong Chung Chak, Tang Lai Yun and Tse Tin Wa, they had to ask their fans to back up for the group photo to be shot. Producer Tsang Chi Wai also asked them to make room, unfortunately they had no improvement in five minutes. Thus Chi Wai asked the venue to be clear, leaving only the media.

Chi Wai expressed that the event was orderly. Sometimes it was even more chaotic. He only wanted to settle the matter. He said that some of the more orderly media members sometimes would be at a disadvantage and could not even take the photo. Chi Wai expressed that Singapore and Malaysia also would like actors to promote, for now they are still being arranged. Has the promotion exceeded budget? He said, "Previously I told Shaw that I would support any promotion. I don't dare to say how much money was spent." Fala Chen has been in gossip trouble and two nights ago did not attend the Guangzhou promotion. Chi Wai said, "She came to promote the night before. I could only expressed my appreciation without words to all the actors, who used their sleep time to help out." Chi Wai said that Jacky Cheung Hok Yau has only agreed to promote Nanjing so he did not appear that night.

Len Len expressed that for now she will continue to act. "I will keep acting. Earlier when I made PROTEGE I worked while I was pregnant. Do you have any secret formula?" Len Len expressed that earlier when Angelica Lee Sinjie wed in Malaysia she and her husband originally planned to try for a child without any pressure, but they due to work could not attend. As for the New Year, she said, "No, we will be at a friend's gambling event. Who has the time, let nature take its course!"

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