Sunday, February 28, 2010


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The Lunar New Year film 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT) performed well at the box office and became the Lunar New Year champion. Actors including Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Jeanette Leung Ching Kok, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Matthew Ko Kwan Yin yesterday visited several cinemas to thank the audience. Wong Chung Chak yesterday announced that director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) told him the film's box office has already exceeded 30 million.

Wong Chung Chak expressed that the initial box office was 20 million, he never expected that in less than a month in release it has already 30 million box office. However, after 30 million the box office started to have stress, but now everyday's average box office was 1 million. He hoped to have even better performance.

Leung Ching Kok and Ko Hoi Ning in the film had a scene in which their chests were blasted with water. Leung Ching Kok reportedly was upset at the scene and claimed to be like a "young model" afterward. Later she reportedly was upset that while working on Wong Jing's BEAUTY ON DUTY (MEI LAI MUK LING) she had to squeeze Charlene Choi Chuek Yin's head with her chest. She expressed that she did not degrade "young models" and everything were magazine speculations. She stressed that she did not blame Wong Jing and was afraid that Brother Jing would mistake her for being arrogant. She called Brother Jing to explain. Luckily Brother Jing understood and told her not to be silly because he could not believe the reports.

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