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Having just won the Silver Bear prize at the 60th Berlin Film Festival, famous director Wang Quan'an on the 26th said in Xian that since returning from Berlin his family has been urged him to get married and he could not be more bothered.

Wang Quan'an this time returned home to Shaanxi and dressed casually for the appearance. He said that this time he returned he has been urged to get married, he could not be more bothered. Yet his parents lately seemed to have come to their senses and told him not to be too rushed.

Speaking of APART TOGETHER's Silver Bear prize, Wang Quan'an felt that in the past Chinese film triggered the West's thinking of China, but APART TOGETHER made them thinking about themselves. This was the biggest gain from the seven screenings of APART TOGETHER and as the Berlin Film Festival opening film. Whether APART TOGETHER was suitable to be the opening film of the Berlin Film Festival, Wang Quan'an has suspected that before. Opening films on average were more cheerful and star studded. Yet the chair explained APART TOGETHER itself is a good movie. Its background is about the split of a nation, few nations would experience that like Berlin. Thus APART TOGETHER became the opening film.

As for APART TOGETHER's several leads, he said that Teacher Lu Yin's professionalism was very high and had quite a master style. He once worried about her health condition and memory for the dialogue, but Teacher Lu Yin not only was able to recite the lines but also gave a very outstanding performance.

Wang Quan'an said about his next step, Chinese film format has experienced the commercial stage. Film should have many different types together. He hoped that he would be able to make movies with more cultural quality and value. He did not feel that his value had to be displayed at the box office. He would not make commercial films and did not have the talent to. Perhaps later he would attempt a movie like THE LAST EMPEROR.

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