Thursday, February 4, 2010


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CONFUCIUS' Taiwan premiere two nights ago took place in the Taipei Confucius Temple, the first time the temple had a film screening. Taipei's Confucius temple was listed as a level 3 monument. The location had professional projectors as well as camera cranes and stage settings for a mix of traditions and technology. For the event, an ancient ceremony took place as 19 students performed the Confucian traditions of four squad dance.

Chow Yun Fat attended with Fat Soh and co-star Ren Quan. Famous Taiwan host Tao Ching Ying was the master of ceremonies. Fat Gor was joking around, but when he suddenly said "Taiwanese and people from other provinces have to be separate" the mood turned awkward. Chow Yun Fat during a ceremony suddenly said to other guests, "They are from other provinces, we are from Taiwan, we are all red." Tao Ching Ying asked Fat Gor, "Hot blooded, right? Sure sure sure, the three of us are a team and the three of them are another." Fat Gor said, "You keep away a little, keep away, with your own people!" Yet the subject of province has always been sensitive in Taiwan, so the mood was somewhat awkward.

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