Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Ng Tung earlier interviewed for a Malaysian program Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Paw Hee Ching, who shared her over 30 year long experience at ATV and even said that she admired the most the energy of her co-workers when they worked on a series for 30 hours without sleep or rest. When asked why the Great Wall film company diva would suddenly play mother roles on television, she said that at the time she was already 30, at the time she was already very old.

When asked about the reason for ATV's decline, she felt that the company changed hands too frequently and left the subordinates without any sense of belonging. However she still looked forward to the new boss' return to dramatic productions. Sister Paw also said that she never worked with her Oscar award winning cinematographer brother Peter Pau (Bau Tak Fun), and she regretted the most that she never worked with her father Bau Fong. She also said that her acting and looks all came from her mother, but she did not pass the genes onto her daughter. Thus she never encouraged her daughter to develop in show business.

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