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The cast and crew of IP MAN CHIN JUEN (IP MAN PREQUEL) including To Yu Hang, Rose Chan Ka Wun, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Yuen Biao, executive producer Sin Kwok Lam, Ip Man's son Ip Chun and others two nights ago attended a wrap banquet. The 17 year old female lead Chan Ka Wun was the focus of the event.

Chan Ka Wun expressed that this was her first film and she benefited a lot from many elders' assistance. The kung fu that she learned this time also elevated her self protection. Yet after different fight scenes she suffered many bruises. She said, "In one scene Bik Yi kicked me in the belly and I bounced off. My belly hurt a lot, but if it didn't have enough strength the result would not be so ideal." Chan Ka Wun expressed that in the middle of the year she might work on another film and would like to try different things. As for sexy performance, she said, "I am only 17, today's dress is already my limit."

Liu Bik Yi expressed that before the production started she already wanted to study Wing Tsun, but after the production started she learned that she would play a Japanese fighter and would not have a chance to practice Wing Tsun. Boss Sin Kwok Lam gave her a wooden man and two free Wing Tsun lessons. Co-star Chan Ka Wun was an elder at the school, during the lesson she instructed Bik Yi. Bik Yi said, "I didn't know any kung fu, during the shoot I didn't know how to adjust my strength. Often I injured actors. Thus I admired action actor performance very much." As for Chan Ka Wun, Bik Yi said that this was her first film so she should steal scenes. Young actors' excellent potential made her work even harder to increase her worth.

Action veteran Yuen Biao pointed out that the young actors' performance won his admiration. He said, "Back then when I made my first movie I didn't know what I was doing either. I saw how well To Yu Hang performed in his first film, he absolutely had no problem with the action display."

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