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Gong Xinliang
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Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) receives wealth bamboo and Happy Birthday song from Alan Tam Wing Lun

Gong Xinliang steals the spotlight from Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Alan Tam
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Alan Tam Wing Lun, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Ella Koon Yun Na, and Mainland new actress Gong Xinliang two nights ago attended the Lunar New Year film HERE COMES FORTUNE (CHOI SUN DOH) premiere. Wynners members Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) and Peng Kin Sun also attended. Since it was Chung Chun To's 57th birthday everyone sang Happy Birthday. Ah B joked that he was six years younger than Alan so he was only 19. Playing the Fortune God in the film, Tam Wing Lun at the premiere gave laisee to the crew and the audience.

New actress Gong Xinliang appeared in a low cut dress. Tam Wing Lun joked on the stage, "Everyone please make room for photos for her, the career line on her chest is truly very strong, it is pulled very straight." Ah B said, "I didn't notice, if I knew I would have worked on the movie for a few days." Alan said, "Lee Lik Chi was the happiest. He played Gong's superior. However she also tempted me to give her wealth." Gong Xinliang is 22, from Gansu and was in IF YOU ARE THE ONE. She said, "In HERE COMES FORTUNE I played a big villain who was money and power hungry. The costumes were sexier."

Ah B said, this birthday he did not have any special celebration because he was busy with next month's Wynners concert in Canada. He will fly to Canada on a holiday at that time with his family as well. As for whether Alan will bring his family too, Alan said, "Get the paparazzi to follow me then you would know." Ah B's daughter Eloise just turned a month old. Earlier his Wynners brothers gave him a lot of gifts. Ah B said, "Kin Jai would give me a gig's salary as a gift. I am really happy." As for if they shared their secret of having children with Chin Wa, Ah B said, "Not being careful is the most important, and a little more hard work too." Alan said, "They have to be like woodpeckers, pecking all day."

Yeung Chin Wa did not have a lot of screen time, maybe 30 minutes. She said, "I got the full salary. In addition it's the God of Fortune there's no reason for me not to take it!" Chin Wa said that she did not ask Alan for secrets for having children, perhaps she was too career minded. Chin Wa was accused of not having what Alan called "career line". Chin Wa joked, "Every person's career line location is different." As for reports that claimed Chin Wa hinted at Chrissie Chau Sau Na as a thief on the set. Chin Wa stressed, "I never suspected anyone. After my marriage I have no gossip, everyone can only speculate on something else." Chin Wa said that she did not know Chau Sau Na before hand and would not rumor dispute with her. As for her figure, Chin Wa said, "It's not hard to find a woman with a bigger chest than mine. I have worked in show business for 15 years, do I get mad with every woman?" Koon Yun Na in the film played a costume maiden. She expressed that wearing the make up and the accessories everyday was very tough, but she thought they was a lot of fun.

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