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Chrissie Chau Sau Na
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Raymond Lam Fung, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin, Sharon Luk Sze Wan and Weng Jiani two nights ago worked on Shaw's third film PERFECT WEDDING. Playing a wedding banquet company boss, Chin Wa earlier was busy promoting HERE COMES FORTUNE (CHOI SUN DOH) in the Mainland. After returning to Hong Kong she has been working on this film two nights in a row. Exhausted, she said that she has not seen her husband Gary Ting Chi Ko for a long time. When she was fortunate enough to he reminded her to take an extra vitamin pill to boost immunity.

In real life Chin Wa will hold a wedding banquet at the end of the year. Two nights ago some wedding banquet company employees were performing, she took the chance to ask them for advice and learned a lot. In the film Chin Wa and Lam Fung were a couple, but Eric Kot Man Fai guest starred as her former fiance. Chin Wa said, "Two nights ago Ah Kot guest starred. I had to slap him twice. After that I realized hitting someone wasn't easy." Because the film will shoot until the end of February, Chin Wa only had four days off for the Lunar New Year. She not only would sleep like mad but also had to pay New Year visits. She might not be able to keep her husband company on Valentine's Day. "Our family New Year tradition is braised vegetarian meals, I may braised a casserole for him. Maybe it's just warming it back up for him." Chin Wa also praised co-star Chrissie as very hard work because she constantly saw her going over her lines in a corner. Chrissie who played Chin Wa's subordinate two nights ago dressed up as the bride for a wedding ceremony rehearsal. She honestly said that she longed to wed but she and her boyfriend wanted to make more money for a few more years and he has not proposed to her yet. As for the salary, she expressed that although she only had a dozen or so units but she received five figures -- enough for her laisee fund.

Lam Fung was asked whether seeing the well endowed Chrissie was particularly arousing. He expressed that two nights ago they worked together for the first time, but in the film they would have a little intimate scene. He jokingly thanked the producer for arranging it.

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