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Jackie Chan
Albert Yeung Sau Sing
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Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jackie Chan
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Jackie Chan, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Bai Bing, Jason Wu Jing, Yu Shaoqun earlier continued to work on SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI). The team spent 10 million on a 1:1 scale "New Shaolin Temple", which was opened for a press visit for the first time. Jackie Chan praised the set for its realism; Wa Jai spent his free time on teaching little martial art monks to dance and instead they stole his thunder.

Wa Jai in order to play a monk character shaved his head. Jackie Chan also thought about shaving his head. He said, "In the end I was afraid that I would lose continuity in the other movie so I changed my mind." Big Brother immediately pulled up his hat and joked, "Actually I shaved halfway, but the team yelled at me to stop. Now my head is very yeah." Speaking of Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's risk taking, he said, "He gives his all in everything he does, I admire him alot. (Does he have shades of your past?) Whether his birth or his environment he has been much more comfortable than me. When he makes movies he has many people around him. In the past we counted to three and just started." In addition, about Tang Wei's ban lift Jackie Chan said, "I don't know, I didn't read it. At this age I don't think or see, I would only care about people and the Earth. (Would you like to work with her?) So far I haven't thought about it."

A group of little martial art monks danced on the set like Wa Jai and stole a lot of his thunder. Wa Jai said, "Earlier when they watched KUNG FU HUSTLE they learned to dance the 'Ax Gang' dance and got sick of it, so they asked me to teach them a new routine. They are very hard working. At home they would practice." Wa Jai had many action scenes and the back of his hand was injured. Wa Jai said, "It's minor, nothing special." In addition, lately a magazine claimed that Wa Jai's new film FUTURE X-COPS (MEI LOI GAING CHAT) due to its boss (Tsai Chung Lin)'s exit could not be finished. Also due to a lack of money its special effects were disappointing. Wa Jai said, "I didn't notice, but I asked Brother Jing why it doesn't have any release date. He said he wanted CG to be done better." The report claimed that CG results were poor, Wa Jai said, "I have seen the CG effects, I thought they pass."

In the film Bai Bing had relationships with Wu Jing and Yu Shaoqun. She said, "In the film I don't know kung fu, but I have to sing Henan opera. I studied it for a month before hand." With the airing of THE MYTH television series, Bai Bing has been called "counterfeit Kim Hee-Sun". She asked, "What do you think? I feel certain characters only have resemblance after make up. (Do you mind the comparison?) I don't mind." Wu Jing for the film went to Shaolin Temple and trained for seven days before hand. He said, "I was very happy about going for seven days. I felt very peaceful inside and my view on life changed." Wu Jing and Lau Tak Wa worked on a few scenes together and afterward praised how great he was. In terms of shape and strength Lau Tak Wa seemed to have had some previous kung fu experience.

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