Monday, February 8, 2010


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Big Brother Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won)'s Lunar New Year film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER will open this month. Recently Big Brother has begun promoting with the film's cast. Speaking of the joy and pain of the production, Leehom joked that side from the physical abuse of fight scenes, he also had many thrilling scenes. In one scene he and Big Brother fought with a black bear, which still left him shivering.

Leehom expressed that scenes with animals left him with many memories. Aside from almost falling off a horse, he even had to team up with Big Brother against an over 300 pound black bear. Although the team has taken ample safety precaution and even kept him from charging over with a barrier, animals remained wild and they might truly be in trouble when the black bear suddenly decided to attack them. Leehom even worried about hurting the black bear. Because it was a protected animal, Leehom was very worried.

Big Brother told Leehom to relax and said that he would definitely protect him and keep the big black bear from scratching his handsome face. Big Brother indeed came through with his promise. Several times when the black bear came toward Leehom, Big Brother would pull him away in time. Leehom's face after the shoot remained flawless. Leehom appreciatively said, "Big Brother not only took care of me but also served me. Because in most of the film i was either unconscious from injury or tied up to prevent my escape. Thus I didn't have to perform many outdoor scenes. I would either comfortably lie or sit down. Sometimes I saw how hard Big Brother was working I felt a little sorry." As for carrying Leehom all over the hills, Big Brother said that everyday at work he was like a laborer, but being able to complete a movie that he planned for 20 years he did not mind even more hard work.

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