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The film ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) won the Berlin Film Festival's Crystal Bear prize, the leads Simon Yam Tat Wa and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu who heroically accepted "family rate" truly deserve some credit. In the film Brother Wa plays a shoemaker, Kwan Yu plays his wife and good mother. Brother Wa says that because Kwan Yu is fast, sometimes he is caught offguard. Thus working with Kwan Yu is somewhat stressful. However he feels that the most regrettable is too few scenes with Kwan Yu. Kwan Yu jokes, "Is it because you see how 'hot' my housewife is and you want make out scenes?"

Brother Wa praises ECHOES is a rare film and sighs that now many believe in financial products and no longer have the sense of value of the 60s. He urges everyone not to believe in financial products, believing in the most practical is the best. Is he sighing from losing a lot during the financial tsunami? He says, "I am a luckier one, because I am a traditional person I would rather put my money in the bank instead of investing it. Because of my 60s value my finances have not dipped at all and rose instead. My biggest investment is buying leather shoes, the most expense custom made pair I spent 18,000. Now I already have 300 pairs of shoes, so I have to buy an over 5000 feet storage space to put them."

Kwan Yu expresses that she is afraid of stuff taking up space, so she throws away useless items more viciously than men would. She feels that buying storage space is even less economical. Now she has over 200 pairs of jeans, some she is reluctant to throw away so she would rather giving them away. Is she afraid of regret? She says, "No! I have always been vicious and never look back, I never regret anything." Is she confident about this character winning an award? She says, "I haven't thought about it, let's see if I am nominated for a Golden Horse Award!  I want the cash prize more." Brother Wa expresses that if Kwan Yu is nominated, he would personally make a pair of shoes for Kwan Yu to attend the award show in.

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