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Chapman To Man Jat and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) work together on the film CHIN DOH (FORMER). As the producer To Man Jat honestly says that he enjoys the most then first bitter then sweet feeling during the production. Si Nga plays her first mild mannered and mature character. The crying while acting is the most memorable for her.

Text: Wong Chi Ying
Photos: Law On Keung
Make up: Coco Wong (Chapman To), Siu Bak (Si Nga)
Hair: Mike@POP (Chapman To), Zap Tang@XENTER (Si Nga)
Location: Eutopos Cafe

To Man Jat in his previous films left a deep impression. In 2010, To Man Jat not only participates in the film TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) but also serves a producer on the Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Si Nga and William Chan Ting Wai starred film CHIN DOH (FORMER) as he develops both on and off screen. Speaking of the difference between an actor and a producer, To Man Jat honestly says that he is someone who loves acting but also loves new attempts and new challenges. "I put a lot of time on work because at work I am very happy. I am also not as superficial. Although I see my wife less due to the busy schedule, instead our relationship is even better due to seeing each other less. Work makes people smart, I am someone who is more energetic the busier I am. Acting has taught me a lot. Producing would give people pressure, but everyday you learn to handle change and is also a great experience to accumulate."

Enjoying First Bitter Then Sweet

As for producing this time and working with director Heiward Mak Hei Yan, To Man Jat points out that due to boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing wanting to work on different film projects the collaboration came together. To Man Jat says, "Mak Hei Yan is a new director who not only knows how to write a script but also creates daring subjects and without too much baggage. In addition I deeply believes that every big director starts as a small director, it is only an issue of whether the opportunity comes early or later. This is not my first time as a producer, but each time I would work as though it is my last film. Only that would enable me to work diligently, to properly control the budget. Work is like a video game, you have to win every round." To Man Jat honestly says that he enjoys fun from producing CHIN DOH. "Although handling different problems and acting at the same time everyday is somewhat painful, but after seeing the completed work, the first bitter then sweet sense of satisfaction I rather enjoy."

Si Nga and Chan Wai Ting in CHIN DOH play a couple. The character performance is rather memorable for him. "It is the first time I play a very quiet, more mature character, which is very different from my past roles of students and good girls. I am very at ease playing a couple with Chan Wai Ting, it's not awkward. He even brings me into character. In the scene in which I cried and acted at the same time, after the director accepted the take I still couldn't stop crying. Chan Wai Ting comforted me." Playing a romantic rival of Ah Gil, Si Nga expresses that although in the film they play rivals but off screen Ah Gil not only takes attentive care of her but even brings joy and laughter. Si Nga cannot help but praise her elder.

Praising Elder Attentive and Friendly

As for plans in the new year, Si Nga expresses that she will focus on film work and in particular hopes to be able to make a movie that makes people happy. "If I have the chance I would like to work with Ah Sa (Charlene Choi Chuek Yin) and (Nick) Cheung Ka Fai and improve myself with every film. In addition, I also would like to work study more outside work to increase my worth, like studying psychology or philosophy which would help with acting."

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