Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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Jackie Chan appeared at the Berlin Film Festival and attended the LITTLE BIG SOLDIER press conference. When he was on a roll, he not only translated his song to English but also sang it.

Jackie Chan in the film played a soldier and had a flight from the troop scene. At the press conference he mentioned the anti-war and peace message. An Afghan reporter asked whether soldiers who are stationed in Afghanistan should flee. Jackie Chan did not directly answer and even invited the director Ding Cheng to respond. Ding Cheng said, "In my personal opinion, if you become a soldier of course you can't run away. Yet in the film the soldiers are captured and made to be soldiers, they are not volunteers and their encounters deserve some sympathy."

Jackie Chan also attended the Taiwan Night. When he learned that the Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin) and Mark Chao Yau Ting starred MONGA passed the NT$200 million markt at the Taiwan box office, he expressed interest in watching it. He even encouraged new Taiwan film professionals to unite and revive Taiwan film.

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