Monday, February 8, 2010


Samantha Ko Hoi Ning

Tracy Ip Chui Chui
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Fala Chen
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Fala Chen, Wong Cho Nam, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and other actors two nights ago went to Causeway Bay and Mongkok to promote 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT) and gave away promotional items. Although Mongkok earlier had several acid attacks, Chi Wai was not concerned about everyone's safety. He even joked that Sai Yeung Choi Street was their turf in the film, if they did not go who would?

Chi Wai admitted that this was the most promotion that he has done in history and the promotions would continue until the third week of the film's release. Was he confident about the box office? Chi Wai expressed that the premiere response was decent and he hoped it would be able to pass 20 million. As for appreciation for everyone's service, Chi Wai said that he would treat them to a vacation. How would he arrange that for nearly 200 actors? Chi Wai said, "In groups, the ladies of course would go first. Maybe we will go on a cruise, otherwise we can get TVB to negotiate a travel program."

Maria Zhuge revealed Fala Chen was already married. Two nights ago she still has not officially confirmed the rumor and only said that marriage was every girl's dream and an important decision in their lives. She used to plan to wed in her 20s, but now she would not be surprised if she would not wed until her 30s. Did she have an understanding with her other half? She said that the move was to protect her family like protecting her parents. As for the war of words with Maria Zhuge, Fala did not want to comment and hoped that the gossip would go away in the New Year. The film yesterday held special screening. Most of the actors attended.

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