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Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong), Tony Chan Kwok Fai
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The film HOT SUMMER DAYS (CHUET SING YIT LUEN YIT LAT LAT) yesterday held its New Spring romantic dinner. Directors Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) and Tony Chan Kwok Fai, producer Fruit Chan Gor and actors Kate Yeung Kei attended. Chan Kwok Fai was very happy about international actress Maggie Cheung Man Yuk's cameo. He said, "Director Ha Wing Hong and I were in the Mainland. When we got Maggie's call to agree to the cameo, we immediately jumped with excitement and gave each other a high five on the streets." Ha Wing Hong said that Maggie agreed this time to support to his first movie.

Chan Kwok Fai said, Maggie has not made a movie in a long time. When the Mainland aired her footage, the entire nation almost applauded at the same time. Earlier the film company kept Cheung Man Yuk's cameo under wraps, was it done to respect her wishes? Chan Kwok Fai said, Maggie's cameo was a crying scene with sushi chef Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho). Maggie was a sushi shop customer. He said, "Before the shoot, we didn't tell Ng Yin Cho that his co-star would be Maggie. We said that the co-star was a Performing Art Academy female student with a lot of potential. When Daniel heard he said that he would like to sign her to his company." Chan Kwok Fai said that the funniest was when Daniel saw Maggie he thought she was visiting the set. Daniel of course was very nervous about working with Maggie, but seeing Maggie only took three minutes to get into character and cried, his eyes were opened.

Ha Wing Hong said, Maggie has always kept a low profile but this collaboration was epic. Was Maggie's salary very expensive this time? Ha Wing Hong said, "No comment, many viewers look forward to her acting again." He said that Maggie's crying scene was shot 8 times from different angles, each time it only took one take. Both directors were stunned and did not know when to yell cut. Maggie was in complete control on the set. After the shoot everyone applauded.

Yeung Kei in the film played a reporter and had scenes with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. She said that in the film she learned to crack an egg with one hand, but before the shoot she practiced with a dozen eggs. Yeung Kei and Angelica Lee Sinjie were colleagues. She expressed that earlier she could not attend her wedding in Malaysia but knew that they have been dating for a long time. She was truly happy for them. She said, "I know they like children, so we should have good news very soon." Yeung Kei said that she did not have a boyfriend and only spent Valentine's Day with her family.

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