Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lin Peng

Jackie Chan
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The Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom starred LITTLE BIG SOLDIER held a premiere on February 17 in Berlin. Big Brother along with director Ding Cheng, Lin Peng and Korean star Yoo Seung-Jun made an appearance. Big Brother's fans braved the chill outside the red carpet and called his name. They were reluctant to leave with an autograph. In order to console who did not receive any autograph, Big Brother could only run toward them to give them high fives.

Big Brother and Lin Peng wore the same color, which led to speculation. Actually Big Brother admitted his admiration of Lin Peng. Earlier at the Hong Kong Night party he even publicly said, "Lin Peng is the woman who I have been looking for."

Although the temperature plummeted in Berlin, Big Brothers' fans waited for their idols outside the red carpet. After Big Brother appeared they began to boil over as they kept screaming Big Brother's name. Big Brother also spent over 20 minutes to sign autographs for them. Then at the urging of the crew he had to walk toward the end of the red carpet, but the fans still screamed his name. Big Brother could only run back to give high fives to those who did not receive an autograph.

In addition, Big Brother also attended the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government Berlin Economic and Trade Office's Hong Kong Night. Big Brother after a brief speech received a teddy bear.

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