Friday, February 12, 2010


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The Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) directed film HOT SUMMER DAYS (CHUET SING YIT LUEN YIT LAT LAT) two nights ago held an advanced screening. Rainbow Wu Sum Lok and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) were among the attendees. Si Nga expressed that in the film she played a model. She said that in the film she played a model. She said that she was very glad to be able to work with national level actor Duan Yihong, who gave people an awe inspiring impression. With his eight pack abs he was quite an attraction. Yet the director on the first day arranged for her to slap him. She said, "During the shoot, Duan Yihong told me to relax and hit. He gave me a very professional feeling, in the end it was completed with one take. Although I have less acting experience, I have already worked on several hitting scenes. I have hit (Ken) Hung Chuek Lap, (William) Chan Wai Ting and (Jason) Chan Pak Yu." Would she like to hit or be hit? She said, "I would rather taking a beating."

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