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Raymond Lam Fung, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Ti Lung, Christine Kuo Wan Wai, Sire Ma Choi and others yesterday attended the Shaw Film City held new film FEI CHUI MING JU (JADE PEARL) production start ceremony. The studio was decorated as a palace and the actors appeared in costumes. Choi Cheuk Yin in the film played a princess while Lam Fung as a general, they played a couple.

Did she and Lam Fung have any intimate scene? She said, "Not yet, I think it's the kissing type!" Would it be awkward since Ah Sa and Lam Fung belonged to the same company? She expressed it would not. In the film they still played a dueling couple, which somewhat resembled the reality. She said that Lam Fung often played pranks on her. Earlier Lam Fung had to steal a jade jewelry from her chest. The director showed him how to cup his hand, but Lam Fung made fun of her figure and said that his hand should be flat. How did she handle Lam Fung? She said, "I hit him and called him names." Was Ah Sa afraid of rumors with Lam Fung? She expressed that she was not. Lam Fung's costumes resembled concert costumes. He explained that because he wanted to create a fairy tale. As for Ah Sa's complaint about him making fun of her chest, he said it was just a joke. Lately he has been busy with movies. Starting two days ago he has not really slept. Did Lam Fung feel the company was making him into a new film star? He said, "Actually the company has been supporting him for years. Now Shaw has arranged two movies for me. I hope to be able to do my best. Although I am a little tired, working with everyone has been very pleasant."

Ti Lung's costume was rather heavy. He said, "It's got a little caliber, full of material." He said that in the film he would play Ah Sa's father. How did working with new comers feel? He said that he has been the new comer then was honed into a needle.

Kuo Wan Wai worked on her first film, which she was very happy about. In the film she also played a princess and had many scenes with "His Majesty" Ti Lung. She pointed out that Big Brother Ti Lung was very easy going. Knowing that she was new, he very patiently taught her how to act.

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