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Wong Cho Nam earlier promoted the film 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT). Cho Nam in the film played father and son with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau. He said that Hok Yau actually was great at comedy, and he picked up a few tricks from him. Hok Yau did so as well as he learned Cho Nam's mimicry. Cho Nam said, "I imitated a erhu for Hok Yau. I only did it once and he already picked it up. He is truly a genius. Later he performed at Harlem (Yu Ching Hing)'s concert and even said that he learned it from Master Wong Cho Nam. I was very touched that he gave me the credit."

As for the film, Cho Nam expressed that in one scene he had a passionate kiss with Linda Chung Ka Yun. He said, "For this scene, Chung Ka Yun KO'ed (no rejection) me." He expressed that they did many takes that day, which he joked that actually he paid off the director for. Reporters joked that his lips must have been swollen from all the kissing. Cho Nam said, "My lips are swollen to begin with." How would he face Raymond Lam Fung? He believed Lam Fung and Ka Yun had no relationship and he never heard Lam Fung mentioned it. Instead Ka Yun on the day of the shoot was somewhat uncomfortable and stressed when she learned about the kiss scene. Cho Nam joked with Ka Yun, "I understand, I am not Lam Fung." Ka Yun laughed awkwardly and said, "No!" As for the clash with ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010), Cho Nam joked, "No, actually we are fighting AVATAR." Cho Nam honestly said that he was confident in 72.

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