Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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Sun Honglei and Aaron Kwok attend the SILENT WITNESS premiere
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing earlier attended a Chevignon all new fall and winter product press conference and received a 3D real person 360 degree imaging and 3D printing technology produced image figure. Sing Sing praised how highly realistic the figure was to him, even the buttons on the lather jacket could be seen very clearly. He remembered after he received the invitation to produce his image figure, he immediately put some thought into what he would wear. Finally he chose the Chevignon French Air Force style leather jacket, denim shirt and a cotton tee shirt.

Recently busy promoting his film SILENT WITNESS (CHUEN MUN MUK GIK), Sing Sing in the film played a prosecutor who was full of a sense of justice and sang the theme song. Co-star Sun Honglei earlier revealed that he offered to introduce a girlfriend in exchange for Sing Sing to give up the theme song, but Sing Sing declined; Sing Sing said that he was already used to being single and did not need to have a girlfriend.

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