Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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The Johnnie To Kei Fung directed new film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2) yesterday shot on location in Tsim Sha Tsui. Vic Chou Yu Man (Jai Jai) and Gao Yuanyuan who have worked with To Sir performed an intimate "rear smacking" scene with familiarity. On the other hand Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Miriam Yeung Chin Wa was a little nervous on her first collaboration with To Sir and did not smile at all!

With the 2011 film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART's ideal box office and word of mouth, a sequel recently began production. Aside from the original cast of Louis Koo Tin Lok and Gao Yuanyuan, Chou Yu Man and Yeung Chin Wa joined the cast as nw blood. Yesterday they shot on location at a Tsim Sha Tsui wedding shop. Known for being serious, director To Kei Fung often ran back and forth to check out the marks. Around noon Jai Jai and Gao Yuanyuan's wedding gown fitting scene was shot first. While Gao Yuanyuan concentrated on looking at the mirror Jai Jai gave her a smack on the rear with familiarity. To Sir even personally instructed Jai Jai how to give the spanking. Jai Jai and Yuanyuan both have worked with To Sir before and were full of chemistry. After being instructed they very quickly got into character.

Because Jai Jai and Gao Yuanyuan's current boyfriend Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) over a year ago worked together on the Taiwan series BLACK AND WHITE were rumored to be at odds over the Golden Bell Award, before the shoot some worried that their collaboration would be awkward. However, Jai Jai before hand praised Gao Yuanyuan on her aura and on the set they chatted and laughed. On the other hand, Yeung Chin Wa who was working with To Sir for the first time seemed to need some time. When she drove a white Ferrari Chin Wa had "zero smile" in the car or on the side of the road. She appeared to be tense throughout. Rain came and the production was forced to halt. When the crew brought umbrellas to her, Chin Wa frowned and quickly left.

At night another scene was shot. Both lead actresses changed costumes. Gao Yuanyuan pointed around on the street corner while Chin Wa continued to have no expression. Actually, Chin Wa has been working on two films DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 and MAN JU SA WA (MANJUSAKA) recently and at the time she was already complaining. She said, "After shooting these two movies, I definitely have to take a break. Otherwise I would go nuts, at least I will take a few months off!" With this cast including the other lead actor Koo Tin Lok all worked with To Sir before, no wonder the new addition Chin Wa would feel the pressure.

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