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Charmaine Sheh
Michael Miu
Angel Chiang feels attending the premiere with Edward Ma feels like a wedding
Anjaylia Chan lets her forehead see rare daylight
Stephy Tang has to show her support as a frequent star for Patrick Kong
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Charmaine Sheh's new contract with TVBC will not start until October

TVB starlet Angel Chiang Ka Man and model Edward Ma Chi Wai's first leads were in the film A SECRET BETWEEN US (DAI YUT CHI BUT SI NEI). Two ights ago it held a premiere in Tsim Sha Tsui. Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum), producer Wong Jing and Paco Wong were also present. Artists Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Stephy Tang Lai Yun and TVB series COME HOME LOVE's cast as well as Charmaine Sheh Si man supported "Young Sheh Si Man" Angel. Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo who often covered her forehead with hair appeared with her forehead.

Angel and Ma Chi Wai both said that they were nervous. Ma Chi Wai said that the situation was like a wedding banquet. Angel said that she asked her friends to show their support. Lai Yi Lok also promised to book a show in support. Speaking of the intimate scene, Angel pointed out that her parents have already watched an advanced screening. "They are very open minded, and since it isn't too revealing, they are very happy that I am able to jump out of the television. Mommy even praises Ma Chi Wai as handsome."

The Yip Lim Sum directed films' female leads are all called Ah Bo. Ah Sheh who has worked with him before said, "The last time I worked with Yip Lim Sum it was very pleasant. This time it's Angel's turn. She is young and needs encouragement. I come to support her as the previous Ah Bo." She admitted that she has been talking with Yip all along about working together again, but they still do not have any suitable character yet.

Ah Sheh earlier signed with TVB and Mainland company formed TVBC. Sh said that the contract will take effect in October. As for her first shot, she said, "I left it for TVB to handle, I believe they are coming up with suitable characters."

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