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Executive producer, producer and actor Zhang Ziyi worked with Wang Leehom and American director Dennie Gordon on the film MY LUCKY STAR, which held a press conference and a premiere in Macau yesterday. Zhang Ziyi appeared to have fallen for Wang Leehom on and off screen. At the event, she even unknowingly flirted with this god. Speaking of casting the god character in the film, Zhang Ziyi said that Wang Leehom was a lock long ago. "I never chose, he is the One. He can do both drama and action, he is very all purpose and very attractive." Wang Leehom also said that he enjoyed the production very much. Zhang Ziyi lovingly asked him, "Which scene did you enjoy the most?" Wang Leehom immediately looked embarrassed. Later, they agreed that they enjoyed the dream kiss scene the most. How was their co-star's kissing skills? They said together that the other was spot on. Wang Leehom even joked, "I fulfilled the dream of many men."

Zhang Ziyi admitted that she resembled the character and had fantasy about love. Personally she has asked Wang Leehom, "Can you live without love?". Love came first however for her. Without love she would have difficulty breathing. Between eating and love she hoped each could occupy half. Wang Leehom said, "I can live, but with love it is even more exciting. Love is important, but I can die from not eating. Very luckily I am very decent now." Rumored to have broken up with China Central Television anchor Sa Beining, Zhang Ziyi was asked if she lacked love now? She avoided the subject. "I will talk again after the box office passes 500 million yuan."

As a producer Zhang Ziyi would like to try a thriller film next time. She suddenly asked Wang Leehom who has made LUST, CAUTION if he wanted to play Tony Leung Chiu Wai's all nude character? Wang Leehom awkwardly said, "For this film I am already half naked!" Zhang Ziyi pouted and said, "Unfortunately I didn't see the shoot." Wang Leehom smiled and said to Zhang Ziyi, "You can hire me to make LUST, CAUTION, but you wouldn't live."

Aside from the kiss scene, Zhang Ziyi even had a daringly dance scene as she put on a nurse uniform, shaking her rear and touching her chest. She said that during the shoot she was not embarrassed. For her character she would perform wilder, even she was surprised when she watched the playback. "Why would I be like this, normally when would I have a chance to act like this!"

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