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Carina Lau Ka Ling has always invested in the restaurant industry. She even extended it to Hong Kong as she invested 7 figures with friends to build a restaurant empire. Yesterday 3 restaurants opened at the same time. Her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai showed his support as he was by her side from the afternoon to the evening, which made Ka Ling smile even more brilliantly. When they toasted they even sweetly stared at each other and proved their couple relationship with action. The earlier rumor with Zhou Xun did not affect them at all. Ka Ling even wore her personal diamond jewelry and joked that she would not intensely follow her husband's whereabouts.

Lau Ka Ling yesterday dressed elegantly and provocatively as she cut ribbons at a Japanese, a Spanish restaurant and a bar. At night she changed into another evening gown and held a private opening party at her restaurant and tasting for friends; her husband Leung Chiu Wai also appeared as a guest to keep Ka Ling company and supported his wife's business investment with action. At night he continued to help with greeting friends; when Ka Ling saw how supportive Wai Jai was she smiled brilliantly. They even raised a glass to toast and sweetly looked at each other, proving that rumors did not harm their relationship with action.

After investing in Muse in Shanghai, Ka Ling again invested 7 figures on the 3 restaurants and had 3 co-investors. Ka Ling said that the restaurant preparations took a year and cost over 7 figures in investment, but she did not plan to retire from on screen performance. She said, "Today are the official openings. I am waiting until everything is prepared before I invite his lordship (Wai Jai) to a tasting."

Did Wai Jai participate in this investment? He said, "Of course not, I don't know anything about business. I am pretty dumb, for years I would only act. I only make money to save or buy bricks, I don't know how to invest and I am not too interested either." Ka Ling joked that she was the finance minister at home, but this time she invested her own money. She has not reached the restaurant empire position yet. She was just curious about this world and was full of energy. Within her range she could try as much as she could. She said, "I am someone who isn't afraid of failure, business is a lesson so my life experience can be a little fuller. This business isn't planned, by chance a friend invited me so we just had a little fun together. If I was going to play I was going to play hard, I never thought that it would be tougher than making movies."

Ka Ling admitted that she was interested in film investment. Because she already had a Best Actor and a group of behind the scene friends, producing would be a piece of cake for her. She said, "At this age, if no one minds I would continue to work on screen." She said that yesterday from morning to night she greeted friends and took care of everything, which already made her feel tougher than making a movie.

As for rumors that she constantly checked her husband Wai Jai's phone, Ka Ling said, "Would anyone believe me to be such a person?" In the afternoon and the evening her jewelry were very sparkly. Was her diamond ring a gift from Wai Jai? She said that she did not have any special gift, his appearance was already the best gift. She also said that the ring was her own. She would only wear it on big days.

Leung Chiu Wai has always been a box office guarantee. He and Zhang Ziyi starred in THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI), which performed decently in its U.S. release. As of September 10 its box office reached US$ 5.17 million. Because last year Wai Jai made 3 movies all at once, THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI), THE SILENT WAR (TING FUNG JEH) and THE GRNADMASTERS, thus from June to the end of the year Wai Jai began his long vacation and not taking any movie. Reportedly, his management company turned down many movies and over HK$100 million in salary for him during this half year vacation. Wai Jai's company Jet Tone said, "This year's movie he truly couldn't take any, but we are now looking at scripts and will make a decision next year."

Yau Suk Ching supported Lau Ka Ling's new store opening party. Dau Dau in loose clothing was asked if she was worried about pregnancy speculation. She said, "No. I have been off the job for a long time! I won't try again, 3 are enough." She said that each time she attended a public event she would starve and dare not eating too much. She would also practice yoga hard. She was so busy with her 3 children that she did not have time to exercise, in particular in the summer she had no sleep at all. She promised her two older daughters to chat with them before bed, sometimes the youngest daughter would be jealous.

Speaking of her oldest daughter Shum Yuet looking pretty like her mother, did she ask her daughter if she was dating? Dau Dau's eyes widened with fright, "No way! She isn't dating. Now she is just 12 but she is already very vain. I don't allow her to lose weight, which I am afraid would affect her development." She revealed that Shum Yuet liked to dance but now she still would focus on school first. When she completed secondary school then she would send her to study overseas.

Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) revealed that he will spend the Mid Autumn Festival in the Mainland with his family because a Mainland television station invited him and Chung Yi to perform at its Mid Autumn event.

Huang Xiaoming was asked if he would make the TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) film adaptation? He said that he was not sure, perhaps his manager was in negotiation. He occasionally would watch the series, liked Francis Ng Chun Yu's character and has always admired his acting. In THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI) they have worked together before. Xiaoming said that a chance to work together again would be a good thing. He was interested in the pilot role himself. Would he perform with AngelaBaby? He smiled but did not answer.

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