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Candy Lo and Jeana Ho call each other thin
Working with her son Edward Chui, will Shirley Yim give him a few tips?
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Liu Kai Chi, Candy Lo Hau Yam, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Shirley Yim (Suet Lei) and her son Edward Chui Woei Dong two nights ago attended the film LONG LONG CAFE production start ceremony. Playing a youth on the edge, Jeana liked this type of film. She had room to perform and was very happy about the chance to work with Uncle Chi. She said, "Uncle Chi plays a social worker who takes care of us. He is a professional actor and I can learn from him. (Did you feel any pressure?) No, he is very nice, very active in teaching younger folks." Speaking of her love life, Jeana says that she is looking. As for suitors, she said, "I haven't sense any, now I am at home whenever I am not at work. I am like an otaku. I think I have to hang out and meet more friends to have a chance. Now it is like I have lowered the gate on myself." Would she take the initiative when she meets the right one? Jeana said that she would try to drag on the ambiguous period longer and enjoy the process.

Jeana revealed that in the film she would rob Lo Hau Yam, but said that she was so thin that she was afraid of scaring her. Lo Hau yam said, "I am afraid of scaring her instead, her waist is still slim. I am OK." She said that she has already gained two pounds. "I haven't been deliberately gaining weight, I exercise and deliberately have three meals. Now I am even addicting to exercise. My husband gave me a treadmill." She revealed that her husband will soon release a record and they have been exercising together. His goal was Nick Cheung Ka Fai. "Whether he will be able to achieve that it is another matter, but having this goal is good." As for their parenthood plans, she said, "I have to get into shape to have a baby. Although my husband says that he wants to take it naturally, he is in more of a hurry than me. (How many would you want?) I will do my best, the best would be a pair. Now most couples have one, children have less communication. I feel going to playgroup too soon is very sad, you should have another one to play together. I don't want to be a monster mama."

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