Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A fan gives Mark Chao moon cakes when he arrives
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Angelababy (Yang Ying) and Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) yesterday promoted their film YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE RISING OF THE SEA DRAGON (DIK YUN KIT ji SUN DOH LUNG WONG). Some media outlets caught Huang Xiaoming bringing his parents to Hong Kong to meet his girlfriend Baby earlier and claimed that they were discussing marriage; Baby admitted that she has met Huang Xiaoming's parents but denied the wedding rumor. Reportedly she took great care of his parents? She said, "I have always taken great care of friends around me. When I worked with Chiu Yau Ting's father on the film FIRST TIME, I also took great care for Father Chiu. I even took care of Chiu Yau Ting. (Did Huang Xiaoming's parents come to Hong Kong to discuss marriage?) I want to have more personal space and ask everyone to spare me." Today she will head to Paris for Fashion Week. Will she buy any gift for his parents? She said, "I will buy some for myself and treat myself a little better. (Will you shop for Huang Xiaoming?) I will check out female clothing only."

Chiu Yau Ting worked with Baby again. He pointed out that Baby used to just people an impression of a pretty exterior. This time she truly was an actress. He said that because the film had many under water scenes, it was very tough. In one scene he had to dive from 3 meter above into a 6 meter deep pool, which took 3 days to make. The water pressure made him very uncomfortable and gave him a nosebleed. He joked that he has been scared off and would never make another scene in the water.

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