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Karen Mok's husband flew from England for the exhibition
Karen Mok's family show its support.  Her brother, father, husband Johannes and mother
Karen Mok has made many films.  Her GOD OF COOKERY false buck teeth are the most classic
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Karen Mok Man Wai to commemorate her 20th anniversary in the business held her THE AGE OF MOKNIFICIENCE at the Landmark. Yesterday Karen was dressed in silver and unveiled the exhibition, her husband Johannes, parents and brothers were present. Her friend Mark Lui Chung Tak, Johanna Ho Chi Yan, Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn, Tina Lau Tin Lan and others came to congratulate her. The venue met an elegant stage, using MOK as symbol. Karen appeared with simple foot work on the stage and led to screams from the crowd. Her family was invited to the stage for photos; her husband Johannes flew from England back to Hong Kong and kissed her twice.

Karen admitted that she was as excited as she was on a wedding day. "For days I would come in the middle of the night to help models with the clothes. Many friends helped. Because a 20th anniversary concert would be easy, an exhibition felt more innovative. Aside from costumes, I even put my movie GOD OF COOKERY (SIK SUN)'s false teeth on display so everyone can see how terrifying it is up close." As for her husband's response to the displays, Karen said that her husband felt wonderful. Although he knew about Karen's career, after graduation they lost touch with each other for several years and this was a good opportunity for him to understand her anew. She said, "He has my records, but earlier I told him I would put an enlarged back baring photo in the exhibition. He saw it today and said that luckily it was not as large as he has imagined. (Do you make the same pose at home?) I am not telling you, I don't just have this pose, I still have many other poses." When reporters asked Johannes to pose next to Karen's photo, he was shy and turned it down. However he said that he liked this photo very much.

Karen admitted that the most memorable was the wedding gown. When she looked at it she was reminded of the atmosphere of the ceremony and got goose bumps. The exhibition will move to Shanghai, Singapore and other locations after Hong Kong so fans from different places will be able to participate; the 20th anniversary concert will begin touring in the Mainland in November and not return to Hong Kong until March.

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