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Kimmy Tong says that Chow Yun Fat feels more like an older brother than a father
Winnie Leung
Michelle Hu
Candy Yuen
Annie Wu
Wong Jing and "chest haired" Chapman To
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Film industry superstar Chow Yun Fat, Chapman To Man Jat, Annie Wu (Ng Sun Kwan), Kimmy Tong Fei and others yesterday worked on a swimming pool scene for Wong Jing's new film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) in Macau. Ah Jat who has been working out night and day yesterday went topless with a "chest hair look". Although Ah Jat was much thinner, during the shoot because he could not stick out his chest and suck in his gut every time he was not at his best shape.

Fat Gor was known for his professionalism. Even when he was not in the shoot he would remain on the set to help out. Originally Winnie Leung Man Yi, Candy Yuen Ka Man and Mainland star Michelle Hu Yan earlier already finished their scenes, but due to the typhoon they had to postpone the shoot. Yesterday they appeared in bikinis. Being able to work with god class actor Fat Gor, Leung Man Yi praised how nice he was. "Our team dined together, Fat Gor knew that we wanted to take photos with him but didn't dare to speak up. So he came out and asked if we had our phones. Then he used our phones for cheek to cheek photos with us. We were so happy that we could die!"

Playing Fat Gor's daughter Tong Fei had many scenes with Ah Jat and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. She praised her co-stars as nice. "Ah Jat is really very funny, actually Ting Fung isn't really all that cool either. He was very strong with his impersonations. His favorite was impersonating director (Andrew) Lau Wai Keung's gestures. Sometimes he would even imitate him walking around with the camera."

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