Sunday, September 29, 2013


Michael Lai and Kawaii are hosts
Philip Ng
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Mandy Lieu
Tony Wong, Yumiko Cheng, Albert Yeung, Sherman Chung
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Mandy Lieu yesterday attended the Tony Wong Yuk Long 50th Anniversary Exhibition. She said that she was already reading Wong Yuk Long's comic books when she was in Malaysia. "I often asked my cousin when he did not have Wong Siu Fu's figure. If a man is muscular, I would add 5 points! I feel in reality (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen has Wong Siu Fu's muscular figure, unfortunately I have no chance." Mandy is busy with an action film in Taiwan. Due to her low cut costumes, her co-stars have been showing her mercy during fight scenes. "They don't dare to kick my chest, in the end it was changed to a kick to the gut."

Albert Yeung Sau Sing said that when he was down on his luck, Wong Yuk Long supported and respected him. He is planning a film that will be based on a Wong Yuk Long's comic book. "(Nicholas) Ts Ting Fung will be the first choice for the lead. The investment will be HK$ 70 to 80 million. With Ting Fung, the investment will be over HK$ 100 million. Recently I have seen Ting Fung, all of his rumors are false."

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