Saturday, September 21, 2013


Alex Lam and Tracy Chu
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Tracy Chu Chin Shuet yesterday attended an "Experience Macau Carnival" promotional event. Her micro movie with Alex Lam Tak Shun was played. They often whispered in each other's ears on and off the stage and seemed to be very chatty.

Chu Chin Shuet is working on the police film DAI HAP GUK (GRAND CANYON). In her first film she played a female cop and hoped to have action scenes for her to display her agility. In the film she worked with two Best Actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau. She did not feel any pressure and instead benefited alot. She said, "Both are very professional actors and take great care of us younger folks with guidance. For example they would chat with me to lighten the mood and make me less nervous. After a few days at the shoot, everyone get along very harmoniously." Film industry new comer Chu Chin Shuet would ask the director whenever she had a question; did she have too many bad takes and make the team work late? She denied that. "The director hasn't yelled at me, and I haven't made everyone work late. The director knows that I am a new comer with little performance experience, instead he tells me to relax and not to practice my expressions. He wants my performance to be more nature."

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