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Joey Wang personally responded to the rumors and even stated that she would continue her life as an ordinary person
Joey Wang said that she was not used to the camera anymore and indirectly denied her comeback
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Immigrated to Vancouver for years, the 46 year old retired star Joey Wang Cho Yin earlier appeared in Hong Kong and became the Hong Kong media coverage target. The changes to her face led to a lot of controversy. Recently a report claimed that a car accident last year injured her face and she required hospitalization and treatment. Wang Cho Yin in order to calm the outside speculations yesterday personally shot a video to dispel rumors. She stressed, "I am very healthy, I am fine and I am very happy." She revealed that from now on she will continue to live an ordinary life and indirectly denied talks of a comeback.

Wang Cho Yin has retired for years. Suddenly she faced a flood of negative reports and decided to personally respond. Yesterday she launched a video channel. In light make up she faced the camera and the background was rather dark. Wang Cho Yin first greeted fans. She said that sh has not faced the camera in a long time and was somewhat not used to it. She then said, "All along there have been some very untrue reports. I have left the circle for over a decade already. I don't know why these rumors, not just rumors but very untrue incidents like videos, photos and words always followed me. I have already left the matter in the hands of my Hong Kong lawyer to handle." Wang Cho Yin finally said, "I am very healthy, I have no problem. Don't worry. I will still live my days as an ordinary person. I feel being usual is the happiest thing."

When Wang Cho Yin's face earlier was criticized, friends twice posted her recent photos online to clarify. She earlier filed suit with the superior court against newspapers and magazines for slander that has damaged her reputation and career. She requested the court to issue an injunction to prohibit the related media from publishing slanderous articles in print or online and demanded compensation for the damages that they have caused.

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