Saturday, September 21, 2013


Gordon Liu wishes everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival
For his birthday last month, friends took Gordon Liu to dinner
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Martial art star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) after a stroke that left his hemiplegic in 2011 had to be hospitalized and accept long term therapy at a nursing house. He rarely had any contact with the outside world. Earlier the superior court received HK$ 150,000 from the sum that he left with his former assistant Eva Fung for safekeeping and is now suing for. Fan Yik Man became his guardian and has been running around for his medical treatments and lawsuit after his former assistant. Luckily the matter has not affected Lau Ka Fai's mood. Lately he even successfully gained weight as he weighed 2.5 kilogram, looking fuller and smarter than before.

Lau Ka Fai's friends opened a facebook page for him. Earlier his recent photos were posted. Lau Ka Fai smiled and wished fans a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Fan Yik Man shot a video to report the progress of Lau Ka Fai's recovery, revealing that he recently successfully gained 2.5 kilograms. With the love and support of his fans his recovery has been especially fast. Fan Yik Man said, "Every time he learns that many people support him, he would smile and say, 'Actually so many people are missing me!'" Lau Ka Fai's friends designed a tee shirt for him. She said that Master Lau has learned about everyone's good intention and wants to recover faster to see everyone at his best. He is accepting therapy at the nursing home, normally Fan Yik Man and other friends would visit. He is in decent condition and earlier even went out in a wheel chair. At the end of August his friends also took him out for dinner to celebrate his birthday.

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