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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Chapman To Man Jat recently shot the promotional poster for the upcoming film release MR. AND MRS. PLAYER (LAN GWUN FU DAU LAN GWUN CHAI) with a sexy S and M hardcore flavor. They said that they only put on the costumes purely to coordinate with their characters, but To Man Jat continued his usual vulgar style. He did not mind wearing underwear to be sexy with Sister Na.

In the film Ah Jat played a romantic feng shui master who ran into Chau Sau Na who loved to screw around. They had intimate scenes. Sister Na praised Ah Jat to be a very humorous co-star, their collaboration was very pleasant and did not have any embarrassment. Sometimes she would not be able to hold her laughter. Director Pang Ho Cheung performed in the film and Ah Jat revealed that he has always wanted to be an actor. He said, "He isn't as handsome as me, now with a little recognition he started to go crazy. He even told me that everyone ask him to make movies only because they appreciate how handsome he is."

Chau Sau Na's other film KICK ASS GIRLS (BAU 3 CHIU GIU WA) will be released in November in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Earlier they shot a funny poster.

Sister Na made a Bruce Lee pose. DaDa Lo Chung Chi envied Sister Na and Cheuk Wan Chi's figures and pulled up her 32B busts with her hands to create a career line. She stated that she wanted to bust out of the poster and pull up a future.

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