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Rumors about Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi seem to be without end. Earlier Ting Fung just issued a statement to clarify negative reports. Yesterday Cheung Pak Chi was rumored to have set new alimony agreement with Ting Fung with a drastic increase. Around 9 PM Tse Ting Fung through his lawyer issued a press statement and claimed untrue reports affected the peaceful relationship between him and his former wife. He reiterated that the divorce agreement content was Hong Kong court sealed for confidentiality, and he would reserve the right to take legal action against any media speculation.

The statement is as followed:

This firm is the legal representative of Mr. Tse Ting Fung. Mr. Tse asks this statement to be issued in regards to untrue reports from a certain magazine and self proclaimed "those in the know" that targeted Mr. Tse and his family matter. Such untrue reports would not only affect Mr. Tse's peaceful relationship with his family and even his former wife, but have already affected their children. Mr. Tse expressed regret over such reports that affected the children.

Mr. Tse hereby clarifies that the content and conditions of the divorce agreement between him and his former wife, including the child custody arrangements, all the asset and monetary allocation, the Hong Kong court has already confirmed with an order of confidentiality. Mr. Tse can clarify that he and his former wife have always have an agreement, from the beginning to now they have taken care of everyone around them rationally, fairly and legally to the best of their abilities.

The statement mentioned the self proclaimed "person in the know" instigated with false information through the media the relationship between Mr. Tse, his family and even his former wife, speculated and caused disturbance for him and his family, and violated Hong Kong court order. He would reserve the right to take legal action and hoped that the media will cease inaccurate reporting.

Yesterday Tse Ting Fung returned to Hong Kong and appeared at the airport when he ran into reporters who were waiting for Beckham. He stopped and asked reporters about who they were waiting for. Reporters instead asked him where did he return from. He in order to find out the reporters' target replied with his whereabouts, saying that he returned to Hong Kong after a Hunan Satellite Television program. Finally Ting Fung got his answer and he joked, "Let me tell him not to come out!" Then he left with his assistant.

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