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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Peter Chan Ho Sun have been in love for years. Earlier Mainland star Tian Pujun wrote an expose that claimed Chan Ho Sun was her "boyfriend" for years. Two nights ago Kwan Yu and Chan Ho Sun lovingly attended an event, trading romantic jabs and sticking close for photos. Chan Ho Sun stated that he only needed to explain to his wife and would reserve the right to take legal action against untrue reports, proving that their relationship has not been affected.

After the "boyfriend" incident surfaced, Kwan Yu only dominantly responded, "Chan Ho Sun's heart (and finances) belong to me!" Two nights ago Kwan Yu attended Perfect Art Exhibition -- Fine Art and Caricature, she had two paintings in display and Chan Ho Sun came to support her. They also sent a floral arrangement together. They lovingly stuck close to each other for photos. Chan Ho Sun saw Kwan Yu's artwork and praised immediately, "You drew it? It's great!" Kwan Yu said that Chan Ho Sun's father taught her to draw her first drawing, then she went to look for a teacher to learn to draw. Chan Ho Sun jokingly praised Kwan Yu, "Kwan Yu draws like she acts, with a strong ability to impersonate." Kwan Yu clarified that her acting was original creation. Chan Ho Sun again joked, "When Kwan Yu saw anything good in a foreign film she would reprise it once." They traded romantic jabs in front of reporters as their relationship seemed unaffected.

Speaking of the Tian Pujun "boyfriend" storm, Kwan Yu said, "I definitely wouldn't talk about it." Chan Ho Sun said, "Now it is getting more and more outrageous, (reports) are made up like this. I don't need to clarify because I have said everything that I wanted to say. I don't need to prove anything with action. I am only here to look at art."

Chan Ho Sun said that he was overseas for past 3 weeks, even his daughter called him to tell him to come home. He said that he will spend the Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong with his family. Did he call Kwan Yu afterward? He said, "We call each other everyday, whether there was an incident or not. (Did you contact Tian Pujun?) No! I wouldn't respond again. I don't need to explain to everyone. I only need to explain to my wife."

Speaking of him being philandering, Chan Ho Sun angrily said, "The magazine completely made it up. It's too exaggerated. If you want a response the lawyer will respond, I am looking for legal advice." Kwan Yu said that she already responded online and joked that after 3 gags the incident would passed. Yesterday Chan Ho Sun was incorrectly reported online as reserving all rights to take legal action against Tian Pujun. Chan Ho Sun yesterday issued a statement through We Production's Weibo, clarifying that he would only take legal action against untrue reports and media, not Tian Pujun.

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