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Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wong sends best wishes to their son and daughter in law
The wedding in church
Karena  Ng and Raymond Lam appear in a matching colors
Donnie Yen's appearance dispels any dispute rumor with Raymond Wong
Lynn Xiong
Simon Yam makes the trademark Ip Man pose to congratulate Raymond Wong
Shi Nansun has been a friend of Raymond Wong for years
Ray Lui
Mr. and Mrs. Ti Lung
Charine Chan
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming's son Edmond Wong Chi Wun yesterday wed his girlfriend Cheng Ka Man. Wong Pak Ming gave a home to his son as a gift. Promoted to a father in law he had "grandchild fever" and urged them to have a baby soon numerous time. He also invited many friends in the business. Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) and others came to congratulate the couple, making the event star studded.

Wong Chi Wun and his girlfriend of 6 years Cheng Ka Man wed officially. Yesterday they held a wedding ceremony at the church in the afternoon and a wedding banquet at the Intercontinental Hotel. In support of the film theme, the wedding photos on display were like film posters.

New father in law Wong Pak Ming invited friends in the business like Yen Chi Tan, Ti Lung, Hung Doi Lam, Yam Tat Wa, Sima Yan and her husband, Charine Chan Ka Ling and others. The event was star studded like a film award ceremony. Raymond Lam Fung and his girlfriend Karena Ng Yin Yu appeared in "couple blue" but declined any interview. Lam Fung only lightly presented his gift to the new couple.

Charine Ka Ling admitted that she has known Wong Pak Ming for years. She was very happy to hear about Chi Wun's wedding. As for her love life, Ka Ling said, "Lately it's decent. I will make a new film but mainly work behind the scene. Actually my love life is pretty good, being happy and relaxed are enough. The wedding certificate signing is just a ceremony."

The new couple met the press. Promoted to father in law Wong Pak Ming was all smiles and often urged them to have a baby soon in the interview. He said, "I am very excited, very happy. I hope they will have a horse baby next year so this year's Lunar New Year film will be able having babies." Chi Wun thanked his father for giving him property for a wedding gift. Will his wife continue her work as a manager? Ka Man said that she will continue to work but her father in law chimed in. "You won't have to when you are pregnant, you can have several more if you want." Chi Wun revealed that when the day of the proposal he decorated his home with balloons and cardboard cut out, played his wife's favorite Leon Lai Ming love song and proposed romantically. A 5 minute short video will be aired at the banquet. He said, "I am the lead actor, once in a lifetime. Even Papa hasn't seen it yet."

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