Thursday, September 12, 2013


Barbara Wong is surprised that the film is a hit in the Mainland
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The Director Barbara Wong Chun Chun written and directed new film THE STOLEN YEARS made 120 million yuan RMB in the Mainland. She admitted it was quite a surprise. Speaking of working with lead actor Joseph Chang Hau Chuen for the first time, she revealed that he warmed up slowly. When the team went to dinner on the first night, Hau Chuen did not say a word. It was quite a headache for Wong Chu Chun. "H didn't even take a glance at Bai Baihe. He was very shy. I thought with only 10 more days before production what was I going to do? When I got up in the morning I asked their manager and asked them to go to dinner alone. I even booked the restaurant and the driver, but Bai Baihe called (Christine) Fan Wai Kei, Blackie (Chen Chien-Chou) and Hau Chuen chatted all night while Bai Baihe and Fan Fan chatted all night."

She joked that Hau Chuen was like a schizophrenic. By the fifth day he already became a big kid. He even forced Bai Baihe to smell the stinky slippers that he has worn for several days. After awhile when they saw each other again, Hau Chuen had to warm up all over again.

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