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Artists Jacqueline Chong Si Man and Sammy Sum Chun Hin in the new film THE BEST PLAN IS NO PLAN (KAU NUI BUT LEI 3 HING DAI) had a passionate car rocking scene. They looked rather intimate in the film, but actually during the shoot only they knew the pain. Chong Si Man said due to her stature, she could not be moved as freely inside the car. She said, "Because in the story I had to take the initiative and climb onto Sum Chun Hin's thigh, I had to bend down to adjust and it was really rough. My head was pushing against the roof of the car."

In addition, during the shoot due to live sound recording the air conditioning in the car could not be used. Actually both were drenched in sweat. She said, "The entire car stank of sweat, we even had to pretend we enjoyed the passion very much. Actually only we knew the pain." Sum Chun Hin said that because the car was too small and filled with equipment, he was worried about bumping into Chong Si Man's important areas so he was extra careful. He said, "Actually during the shoot it was a little awkward, since we originally weren't too familiar."

In the film Chong Si Man and Sum Chun Hin played a couple who has been together for years. She was a famous television host but Sum Chun Hin was an unknown screen writer who was neglected. Thus their relationship had quite a distance. Chong Si Man said, "So (the story) tells that my everyone due to work is very busy, I don't even have time to make love with my boyfriend and have to take care of it in the car. In the entire scene I take the initiative, luckily after several rehearsals we got the real shoot in one take."

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