Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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Isabella Leong Lok Si recently announced her return to film with the Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) directed Taiwan film LIM LIM. Her godfather Anthony Wong Chau Sun two nights ago at an event said that he knew about this long ago and rather agreed with it, in particular with Cheung Ngai Ga's care he was even more at ease. Jim Chim Shui Man also said that his student Isabella's return to film was a good thing and praised her natural talent as she was destined to be in this business. Choosing Cheung Ngai Ga's film for her comeback was a wise choice, as it avoided being accused of playing favorites among Hong Kong directors who invited her to work with them. Cheung Ngai Ga was also a demanding director and would be helpless to her comeback success.

Isabella was rumored to have chosen this film because she and Cheung Ngai Ga's son Oscar were in love. Chau Sun admitted that he has heard many people talking about that but he would not care. "Not to mention goddaughter, I might not even be able to care with my own daughter." Speaking of his impression of Oscar, he said, "I don't know him, I only know his mother. Sylvia is incomparable. I am handsome, my son isn't as handsome as me. It's very hard to say, just ask those involved!" Chim Shui Man did not put too much stock in the rumor. "I feel she wouldn't. This (taking the mother's film because of a relationship with her son) would be very poor, the Isabella that I know wouldn't be so poor."

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