Sunday, September 29, 2013


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Liu Xiaoqing was the first guest of the Luisa Lai Chi San host TELLING MARIA. Tonight and tomorrow night her interview will be aired. Liu Xiaoqing on the program talked about her 422 days in prison for tax evasion problem. At the time she only felt that she could not act again in this lifetime, but she knew that she would not be executed. Aside from death, everything was minor. She in prison would take cold water shower and ran over 3000 steps. She said it as a training and thus she became more mature.

She experienced her young and wild days, as once she said that she was the best actress in China. Liu Xiaoqing remembered when a foreign reporter asked her at the press conference, "Who is China's best actress?" She thought and said, "Me." Finally she cost the price for a long time for what she said. Did she regret ever saying that? She said that she had no regret.

As for the plastic surgery rumors, Liu Xiaoqing said that plastic surgery and beauty care were different. She reiterated, "I have never made plastic surgery, none of my five features have been touched." She did not object to plastic surgery but felt that beauty came from within.

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