Thursday, September 26, 2013


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Aaron Kwok says that THE CONSPIRATORS 
Aaron Kwok puts his hands in cement in mid air
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended a PCCW-HKT press conference. His film THE CONSPIRATORS (TUNG MAU) was selected for the Asia Pacific Film Festival, he pointed out that although the film could not be compared to THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) he was still happy about receiving the jury's appreciation. His hard work has been recognized and he felt pleased. In the end whether he would win or not it was unimportant. The most important was this nomination kept his confidence going.

Was he confident about an award? Sing Sing said, "An actor has to have confidence. The most important is to be yourself. I thank the vent for giving me a shot of confidence. I will continue to be an excellent actor, choose good scripts and make good movies." Although good scripts were hard to com by, he has not planned to invest in films. Not only did he feel the risk was great, Hong Kong also lacked excellent new generation actors.

Speaking of mobile phones, Sing Sing said that he was not one of the "lowered head clan". Normally he rarely looked at his phone. When he was making a movie he would leave the phone with his assistant. He said that he has never sent any love text messages, normally online he would only look at his own photos and reports. Recently the text messages that he received were all related to his film SILENT WITNESS. Sing Sing said, "This film after ten years in release in Beijing has already made 120 million yuan. On the official site 1.61 million people were talking about the film.

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