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Louis Koo Tin Lok in the film OUT OF INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 3D) experienced fiery explosions, diving and flying scenes. The toughest was the day that was spent in the water; aside from having to breathe from an oxygen tank before going into the water, during the shoot he also slicked his right hand on sheet metal. He experienced an unexpected and most painful time for a man.

Goo Jai in this water rescue scene saved Angelica Lee Sinjie and others. Spending in a long time in the water was hard to take. Goo Jai said, "I would have never imagined in the scorching Thailand the water scene would actually felt so icy cold. Luckily the crew steamed towels to wrap us up in and had warm water bags. If we weren't warm enough, we would sit under the spotlight for heat. Honestly, the cold could rival Iceman's."

In the story when he prepared to help Lee Sinjie, a piece of sheet metal feel. Goo Jai had to push her away from it. The timing had to be very accurate and they rehearsed many times. Yet, one of the times Goo Jai could not dodge in time and was hit. The back of his hand was all red and bleeding; Lee Sinjie witnessed his injury and was very worried. Goo Jai only asked his assistant for new bandages and continued the shoot to avoid hindering the production. After its completion then he accepted treatment from the on set medical team.

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