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Zhang Guoli and Huang Xiaoming share the Golden Rooster Best Actor
FALLING FLOWERS' Song Jia, the Best Actress surprise
Best Supporting Actor Wang Qingxiang
Best Supporting Actress Wang Luodan
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The 22nd Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival last night held its award presentation in Wuhan. Huang Xiaoming and Zhang Guoli shared the Golden Rooster Best Actor honor. Mainland star Song Jia with FALLING FLOWERS defeated favorite Zhang Ziyi for Best Actress, a surprising victory; Peter Chan Ho Sun with AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA won Best Director. First time director of the 600 million yuan hit SO YOUNG, Vicki Zhao Wei won the Director Debut Award.

1942 was the big winner with 4 awards: Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Sound Recording. The fresh out of the oven Golden Rooster Best Actor with AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA, Huang Xiaoming although had to share it with elder Zhang Guoli still was very emotional. He said, "I never thought that I would be standing on the stage to accept the award, but I believe in hard work. My mantra is I am not the most excellent but I work hard to do my best." He even paraphrased Stephen Chow Sing Chi's line, "I am a good actor!" Zhang Guoli with 1942 won Best Actor. He thanked director Feng Xiaogang for persisting for 19 years for him. When he was younger he enjoyed winning the award, now he wants to experience the character.

Fresh out of the oven Best Actor Song Jia said, "Today's jury is the best jury, giving me such a big pie. Even if it will tossed by mistake, I will still help myself." Chan Ho Sun with AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA won Best Director and defeated strong competition from the likes of Feng Xiaogang and others. The host joked that instead the Golden Rooster (Sandra Ng Kwan Yu starred in the film GOLDEN CHICKEN) was lucky for him. When he accepted the award, he first praised Feng Xiaogang's 1942 as an epic. His AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA was a fast food film and he felt ashamed.

Scaled down this year, the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Award red carpet lacked star power with only Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Guoli and Feng Xiaogang. Mainland sexy star Daniella Wang Li Dan continued to catch attention. This year's Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Award was described as the most deserted year. It also followed the scale back trend and the film festival returned to film itself. However some also said that today the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Award actually has already lost its charm and had difficulty with making film stars to support it. Thus even Zhang Ziyi who was promoting her own film investment in the Mainland was absent despite being nominated.

Zhao Wei although was not competing for Best Actress received the Director Debut Award, which was even more meaningful. Two big directors Feng Xiaogang and Kevin Chu Yen Ping presented the award. Zhao Wei on the stage thanked the noble and highly regarded jury as well as many people, the performance belonged to everyone and she was very grateful. At the same time, she received a love letter "To Zhao Wei" from a mysterious person. She was so happy that she suddenly kissed the hostess on the lips; because she also saw Zhao Wei as an idol, the kiss caught her off guard and stunned her. She was unable to recover for a long time.

Zhao Wei said that the film took two years to make and everyday was a pleasure. She explained that her sudden kiss of the hostess on the stage expressed what the SO YOUNG craze was. She was not satisfied with her performance as an actress, so in the future she would work hard on doing her part as an actress. Later, she immediately called her husband and daughter, who even cutely congratulated Mommy.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress both went to favorites. Wang Qingxiang with THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) won Best Supporting Actor. He said that he waited 30 years and this rooster arrived. His dream was to perform better and better, and not more and more, with everyone's help. He thanked Wong Kar Wai for his transition. The Best Supporting Actress went to CAUGHT IN THE WEB's outstanding performer Wang Luodan. She immediately called her mother with the good news. THE GRANDMASTERS won two awards including Best Supporting Actor and Best Art Award for William Chang Suk Ping.

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