Sunday, February 3, 2019


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Louis Koo Tin Lok's company One Cool Jam Cast's artists Jennifer Yu Heung Yi, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Bryant Mak Chi Lok and Yanny Chan Wing Yan made couplet for the holiday and wished everyone good health, all the good luck in the new year. Looking back in the past year, the four performed in the film industry. Among them getting rave reviews for her performance in MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SHOOK), Yu Heung Yi looked forward to being able to make even more real situation films in the Year of the Pig. She said, "I want to make more small budget productions, films that reflect social problems. I hope the audience will be able to relate to them."

Yu Heung Yi also said that she had to learn to relax. "I am very tense personally. Sometimes after a scene, I would feel that my performance wasn't too great. I would keep thinking about it over and over, leading to insomnia all night. Thus emotional problems appeared and hormones were out of balance. Last year I learned that I had early stage ovarian cyst, so in the New Year I have to learn to release my emotions." She revealed that she would take a holiday to rest and in April she would make two new films.

Yu Heung Yi's buddy Liew Chi Yu joked that every year's New Spring she hoped to quit drinking cold beverage, sleeping late, being late and other bad habits, but in the end she was unable to fulfill them. In the Year of the Pig, she wished the most to learn to manage her finances. "I have never known how much money I have made, and have no idea when the money has been spent. For half a year I used working hard as an excuse and bought whatever I saw and wanted, I spent more and more money. Thus in the Year of the Pig I want to properly grasp financial management concepts."

New addition to One Cool Jam Cast, Mak Chi Lok and Yanny revealed that they just finished the new film YOLO. Yanny even worked on a comedy for the first time and thought it was special Speaking of New Year wishes, she stated, "I hope to enroll in a voice acting class, learn accurate pronunciation and lose years of relaxed pronunciation." Mak Chi Lok hoped that in Year of the Pig he would be able to work with boss Louis Koo Tin Lok on a movie. "I hope to be able to come in touch with different areas of film. Right now I am writing two movies. I hope to be able to catch the film company's eyes."

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