Wednesday, February 27, 2019


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Ben Yuen Fu Wa yesterday appeared on a radio interview. TRACEY (CHUI SZE)'s Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor recently was nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award. He said that he felt normal about winning an award but still would prepare a thank you speech. Would he thank his girlfriend again on the stage? He said that he would worry about it then, but he has asked her whether she would attend with him. She said no so he would walk the red carpet with the team.

Yuen Fu Wa will perform a play in May. Currently he is working on three movies, which fortunately have not had any scheduling conflict. He received more film roles after the award, did he get a raise? He admitted that he got a few percentage more. He also was respected so he has not run into any haggling. He mentioned that in his 20 years he performed a children with disabilities. At the time he saw how the children had to endure pain even in basic life and understood how fortunate he was to have a healthy body, thus so far he has not complained yet. Looking back, the children were like angels who gave him this important gift.

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