Tuesday, February 12, 2019


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Wong Cho Lam, Teresa Mo
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Wong Cho Lam will take a 5 day vacation in Japan with his wife Leanne Li before heading to the Mainland for a Lantern Festival event
Alex Fong Lik Sun and Bob Lam make fun of each other just for laughes
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Wong Cho Lam's directing debut musical Lunar New Year film I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE! (NGOR MAI LEI, NGOR OI NEI!) as of February 11th already made over HK$ 8 million. Two nights ago the film held a new spring group visit to thank the cast and the crew. Attending actors included Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Bob Lam Sing Bun, Wu Fung, Corinna Chamberlain (Chan Ming Yan), Kaki Leung and Harriet Yang Sze Man. Cho Lam's wife Leanne Li Yanan also showed her support.

Recently busy with film promotion and audience appreciation, Cho Lam said that the promotional duties would go to Sister Mo because he would go on vacation with his wife to Japan for Valentine's Day and their wedding anniversary. The trip would take five days, then he would go to the Mainland for a Lantern Festival event. Speaking of his resigning from the new season of the Mainland variety program KEEP RUNNING, Cho Lam said that the official announcement has been made. He would bid a temporary farewell to RUNNING due to family matter. "Last year my daughter had to accommodate my schedule for her birth, while my wife was pregnant I had to perform a play instead of keeping her company. Everyone knows how painful my schedule is, so this year I want to put family first. I would then take jobs in accommodation of my wife and daughter, I don't want to work overseas too long. Right now I would only be one or two days away from Hong Kong for jobs, or would take my wife and daughter with me. Of course I would miss them too. RUNNING was a turning point in life, for family I made this painful decision, but personally I would stay in touch with the RUNNING brothers." Would he return to the program? He said that this year because of the birth of his daughter, film release and the company starting a program, he would bid a temporary farewell. Did he decide to do so because of the "quota order"? He denied that. "No connection, no connection, I have never been too expensive. I still have some other Mainland variety program, like my company would make a second season of a program. If the quota order problem existed I wouldn't have more programs to make."

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